4 Health Disorders That Your Face Reveals

Asymmetrical Face
Written by Tom Zsoldos

The human face if a dynamic tool for social communication. By looking at your face, an observer can easily do logical thinking about you. The face is a highly sensitive part of the human body that can express emotions once stimulated by any of the human senses and the brain.

Your face is the mirror of your internal health. Here are the four examples of face reading for health diagnosis:

1. Dry Lips

Typically, water escapes our body through sweating. You’ll experience dehydration when your body loses more fluid than you drink, especially during hot weather. You can quickly notice this symptom when your lips are too dry.

Critical conditions causing excessive loss of body fluid are fever, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach flu, and bacterial gastroenteritis.

Remedy: Drink ample amount of water that you need to energize. It’s suggested to drink eight to ten glasses of water per day.

Red Patches on the Face

2.Asymmetrical Face

Your face has two sides: the left and the right. Chewing food on one side only tends to build up more muscles on that side, and the other side weakens.

Remedy: Chew your food using both sides to maintain symmetry on your face.

Sleeping habits also affect the shape of your face. You usually sleep by lying flat on your back which is the best practice. Once your body feels uncomfortable, you automatically sleep on your side.

Remedy: Sleep on your side by putting a pillow between your knees. Try to alternate right and left sides. Make sure that the side of your body makes contact with the mattress. Doing this will protect your spinal cord.

All the body parts are connection to your face. Carrying items on only one arm can affect the shape of your face.

Remedy: Practice yourself to use both arms equally or alternately to maintain the right shape of your face.

3.Red Patches on the Face

A pimple or acne is a common cause of redness on the face. They can also be visible on the other parts of the body due to hormone imbalance resulting in the excessive production of the oil glands.

Remedy: You need the proper treatment to clear the pigmentation. A balanced diet is a must, and you should drink eight to ten glasses of water every day to keep your blood healthy.

A red face after drinking beverage or alcohol may be a warning sign. An allergic reaction happens because your body is unable to break down acetaldehyde which is a cancer-causing agent.

Remedy: Avoid drinks that make your face turn red so that you can prevent the risk of developing high blood pressure or cancer.

red face after drinking beverage

4.White Rings in the Iris

A sign of high cholesterol in your body is if you notice a complete ring of gray or white around the colored portion of your eye which is the iris. The white is from excess cholesterol deposit. It remains there, and if you let yourself diagnosed, the rings become more and more prominent. The high risk here is that cholesterol is also being dumped inside the arteries of your body.

Be watchful on what your face says about your health. Blood pressure issues will eventually result in a heart attack or stroke.

Remedy: Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis. The physician can prescribe the right medical treatments to make you healthy.

Final Thoughts

Pay attention to what your face reveals about your health. It can divulge internal health disorders that may lead to more severe problems if not treated immediately. Closely analyze any changes on your face, and when you notice unusual feature, it’s highly recommended to consult your doctor to avoid getting yourself into trouble.  Proper lifestyle and balanced diet guarantee a healthy looking face.