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Which are Healthiest Teas in the World

dry chamomile flowers
Written by Tom Zsoldos

People have been drinking tea since ancient time. Teas are known to detox the body, heal various ailments, and cool our bodies. Not all teas have same health benefits though. If you love cool drinks and would want to reap health-wise from drinking tea, here are some of the healthiest teas in the world.

Green Tea

Green tea is backed by researchers, health specialists and past users to be a health drink that has multiple benefits. Health tea is extracted from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. It has high antioxidant content, anti-carcinogenic capabilities, and liver-protective ability. Intake of this essential tea benefits almost all parts of the body. It also has high cholesterol-lowering and fat-reducing abilities.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is reported to have great health benefits. It aids in healing stomach upset, gut disorders, insomnia, diabetes, headaches, nervousness,and congestion. It is got from dry chamomile flowers. This kind of tea has high antioxidant content so it’s good for battling free radical damage and inhibiting cell mutation.

Health tea is extracted from the leaves

Black Tea

Black tea still remains one of the most used naturally caffeinated teas. Its potency and health benefits are backed by different health studies and publications. It is believed to help reduce triglyceride and glucose levels when taken appropriately. It is also proven to aid in lowering the levels of the stress hormone popularly known as cortisol.

White Tea

White tea is processed from the extracts of young and tantalizing white tea leaves. This kind of tea is high in antioxidants. It has a fruity and delicate taste. Tea prepared from these tea leaves usually has a pale yellow color.  It is widely used for combating health conditions like heart disease. Also, it is widely used in the management of weight as it has the power to reduce the levels of triglycerides in the body.

Matcha Green Tea

The Matcha green tea is another common health tea. It’s currently the most sought-after tea choice in Japan.  It is usually powdered and stone-grounded and includes high levels of minerals and vitamins. The fact that it is extracted from compacted and ground from tea leaves, it has high amounts of fertile catechins.


For those who don’t know, these are the most popular and revered health teas in the world. Each of these teas has its own unique qualities that differentiate them from each other. It is important to read more about the teas to get to understand which one to consider based on your personal health preferences.