Why Do I Always Feel Exhausted

anxiety and can cause depression
Written by Tom Zsoldos

If exhaustion is almost making you go nuts, stress and overthinking isn’t a solution. You need to identify the root cause of the exhaustion to achieve lifetime mental and physical liberation from continuous exhaustion. To help you identify your root cause of exhaustion, here are some lifestyle tweaks or living habits that proven to cause body and mind exhaustion.

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Researchers have proven that dehydration can reduce the levels of your body energy and blood volume. It can also cause the thickening of your blood. That often makes your heart to be less effective in blood plumbing which can lower the flow of nutrients and oxygen. All these will lead to the feeling of exhaustion. You can liberate yourself from continuous feelings of exhaustion by reading enough water on a daily basis.

You Are Depriving Your Body of Irons

Lack of adequate iron in the body can cause feelings of irritability, weakness, and sluggishness. Since iron deficiency affects the proper flow of oxygen to the cells and muscles, you will also end up feeling tired.  Don’t forget that lack of proper iron intake can also cause anemia. It is highly recommended you take foods rich in iron like eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, tofu, kidney beans, lean beef, peanut butter, and nuts.

continuous feelings of exhaustion

You Are Overthinking

Overthinking is bad for your spiritual, mental and physical health. Extreme thinking can cause worrying, anxiety and can cause depression if not treated on time. It may be even suicidal. Over time, it can also end up affecting your physical health. The signs and symptoms can come in form of unending exhaustion.

You Are Overworking

The body needs enough rest to function more effectively. If you are overworking and not getting enough rest, your body is likely to respond in a negative way. This may come in form of exhaustion. If you are experiencing extreme levels of exhaustion, it is important to review your work schedule and resting time.


Feelings of exhaustion can have serious effects on your everyday life. They can affect your work performance, ruin your friendships, and even make you lose friends and jobs. That’s why you cannot just relax and expect things to change for better when you start experiencing feelings of exhaustion. It is always recommended that you take the bold decision to know what is actually causing the exhausting so that you can solve the problem amicably. You may need to talk with experts for assistance on how to treat the feelings of exhaustion.