Hand exercises to ease arthritis pain

Written by Tom Zsoldos

If you have arthritis in your hand, then it causes a lot of pain and stiffness. The pain may increase more and more while doing some activities like typing on a computer or holding some items. In some cases, the person can lose the strength in his hand. And will not be able to catch anything. The situation can worsen so much that even a simple task you will not be able to do with your hands. There are many different medications to treat arthritis like you can take pain relief medicines, take steroid injections at your joints, and wearing compression hand gloves. Along with all these treatments, every arthritis patient should follow some hand exercise to improve the motion, to get flexibility. Let us see some of the hand exercises.

  • Make a fist: In this type of exercise, you have to take any of the hands and keep all your fingers straight. And then slowly make a fist by bending your fingers. Keep your thumb outside. Don’t fold it tightly, and then slowly straighten all your fingers. Repeat the same process for some time for both hands.
  • Finger bends: First, put your hand straight even all the fingers should be straight. Then slowly bend the thumb finger towards your palm, and after some seconds pull back your thumb to its position. Now repeat the same process with all the fingers and once the process is completed one hand does it with the next hand. You can do this exercise with toe fingers and for ankle wear ankle compression socks.
  • Thumb bend: In this exercise, put your hand straight and bend your thumb finger towards the palm. And try to stretch the thumb finger till the tiny finger. If you are not able to reach the tiny finger, there is no need to worry. You can just stretch till it reaches. Then pull back the thumb to its position. Repeat the same a couple of times then do it with the other hand.
  • Make an “O”: In this exercise, you need to curve all your fingers making an “O” shape. Stay in that position for some time then straighten your fingers and repeat a couple of times and do the same process with the other hand.
  • Table bend: Place the bottom of your hand on the table that means the little finger should be down. Try to fold all the fingers inside except the thumb finger. Put the thumb finger pointed up. Then bring back all the fingers to their starting position. Repeat the same with the other hand.
  • Finger lift: Keep your hand flat on the table. Your palm should be in a down position. Then left each finger one at a time and hold it for some time and lower down it. Repeat the same with the other hand. 


Do these exercises on daily basis to improve your hand arthritis condition.