sportline mini stepper

June 28th, 2009

how to adjust the stride length in step pedometer Sportline and distance?

I bought this mini stepper counter and I have to put the length stride, but i dont know how

It is the stride length. Measure the distance between the footprints. The easiest way is to put a tape measure sewing (the fabric) on the floor, put your finger on the tip, then take a normal step. The heel is measured stride. The most accurate way of do is walk on the soft grass or mud, or to cover their shoe soles of baby powder (or any washable which makes a mark, chalk, etc.) and walking on a hard floor dark. Then take the A normally a few steps, as if walking around, then use a tape measure to measure the distance between the tracks. Measurement tip of the first step toward the heel of the next stage. Xxx