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October 10th, 2008

A simple idea to take care of your skin is how clean it wisely. The facial skin is very delicate and should be cleaned at least twice a day. You should not clean your face more than three times since excessive cleaning may dry skin. The skin of the face should not be fired and movements while cleaning must always be increasing. While cleaning your face only takes a few seconds, it should be an opportunity for activate the movement. This can be achieved with a circular motion with your fingers.

Today, it was popular to use some sponges and brushes for skin care. This is not mandatory, they simply help activate circulation but the hands and fingers can do the same function. Sponges marine natural help exfoliate and are very effective. Not every skin type responds well to these types of instruments. If you have dry skin or sensitive do not use every day. If you do use them, remember to clean them so they are free from bacteria, clean and dry in a safe place where they can breathe.

One of the most popular questions on skin care is: what are the products you use really? You should not spend much money on your products and cosmetics, these are some of the most essential:

  • Cleaner — As explained above, try to use it twice a day. There is no need to switch to cleaner fancy, but try to avoid soap since it is known for drying the skin.
  • A moisturizer is very important. The use during the day and at night before going in bed.
  • An exfoliating cream can help smooth the skin and dead skin Slough. There are also natural structures available using apple yogurt, oatmeal and lemon. Sensitive skin should use exfoliating creams less frequently.
  • Facial masks can be homemade or purchased anywhere. They are not only your own face, they can also be revitalizing and refreshing, helps cells to regenerate.
  • Eye Cream may be one of the most expensive, but it is also one of the most important. Skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and requires special attention.
  • If you use makeup, be sure to use an Eye-Makeup Remover.

Some people consider astringent and toner, they are useful, but not as important as the products mentioned above. Toner main function is to eliminate residues of the cleansing cream and help close the pores. Modern products are more comprehensive and so the toner is also more necessary, even if it is still very popular for its pleasant sensation on the face.

Make-up is also a very important on skin care. It is not compulsory to use, it is only a tool to look prettier, but each person has a different perspective about beauty. If you do not use make up, you do not. If you prefer, you can use only a small amount Makeup for a natural look. The main products are blush, mascara and some lip-gloss for a look even finish.

Know your skin type is also important to learn how to take care of her.
The main types are:

  • Normal skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Dry Skin

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